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The New Moon will peak in Sidereal Pisces 21°09′ at 1:50 AM PST, and that means dreaming big, healing wounds, surrendering to Source, and facing fears!


The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and setting intentions because it’s the start of a lunar month, kind of like how we have a solar month with the Gregorian Calendar which uses a solar dating system.  With the luminaries in the same sign aka on the same page, it’ll be easier for you to receive their signals and instruction. Think about what you want to achieve over the next 28 (or so) days. Since the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, we’ll be planting seeds with Pisces qualities.


IMAGE CREDIT: Prince Láuder

This mutable water sign is ruled by Neptune and associated with the 12th house. The energy is introvered, creative, sensitive, intuitive, artistic, gentle and compassionate, and empathetic. Their more negative traits can be seen as depressive, self-pitying, gullible, secretive, oblivious and too emotionally involved with other peoples problems. It’s important for Pisces to retreat or escape from the world and reality in order to recharge. They’re very sensitive to energy so they can pick up on your vibes, good or bad. This zodiac sign is the most translucent and can come off hopeless when they disillusion themselves. They don’t understand boundaries at times, and will escape from day-to-day life through different means of fantasy. This could be spending time alone and reading a book, watching a movie, self-medicating, abusing alcohol, playing video games/virtual reality or online roleplay.



Being that Pisces is known for being in their own world, you might feel the same way. Like everyone around you is being crazy and you have to run away to your santuary. Now while you’re alone, utilize that time wisely. Recharge yourself with an epsom salt soak, meditate, stretch, rest, read a good book, watch your favorite sitcom. If the world is looking like a big scary place that you want no part in, try your best to NOT run away or be extreme. You’ll be highly sensitive and this could be pretty challenging if you have a Fire Moon sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or an Air Moon sign (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius).


Be aware of thinking you know everything or you’re right about everything. Get off of your high horse and see how you’re just being defensive. Another gift and curse of this energy is the ability to disconnect from our feelings or from the feelings of others. Be open to fresh perspectives, even if they’re not yours. Two words: dream big!


There are no major aspects that will affect this New Moon phase!


The sky is divided up into 27 regions that contain fixed stars groups which have an affect on the Moon, in Vedic Astrology it’s called a Nakshatra or a lunar mansion.

This New Moon will conjoin with a fixed quintuple star system known as Revati. Revati traslates to mean wealth and is symbolized by a drum. The presiding deity is Pushan (caretaker of all animals) and it’s ruled by the South Node of the Moon. Being that there are no major aspects occuring during this transit, this will bring about all the favorable traits of this lunar mansion. This energy brings quick promotions, attracting the help that you need from others, it can bestow wealth and prosperity, this is the final nakshatra which signifies the ultimate liberation. It’s like hitting the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean and only having one way to go….Up! This is a time to transcend, and rise to the occasion.


Take some big risks this lunar month, it’ll be worth it because you’ll surprise yourself.


In order to get an accurate interpretation of how this will influence you based on your birth chart, you must know your Sidereal MOON sign.  You can shoot me $5 via cashapp ($hoelistic) or venmo (sahakehau) to generate yours—this is not a reading just a visual of your chart in PDF format.  Make sure you include your birth date, time and location.  If you have a good understanding or want to challenge yourself, look up your Rising Sign as well.


SELF IMAGE: The Self, Your Personality and Appearance, Your Personal Views on Life, Self Identity, Self Image, Beginnings, How you Initiate, Physical Body


MATERIAL WORLD: Possessions, Money, Stability, Values, Hidden Talents, Sense of Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and How You Value Yourself, Financial Gains, How You Spend Your Own Money, Livelihood, Material Circumstances


COMMUNICATION CENTER: Communication, Memory, Perception, Local Movement or Short Journeys, Neighbors, All Forms of Transportation, Thinking Patterns, Early Education, School(s), Siblings


HOME LIFE: Home and Home Life, Emotions, Subconscious Mind, Family, Your Roots, Land, Personal Foundations, Inner Emotional Security, Mother Figure or Parents

≥ 22° LIBRA & 0° – 21° SCORPIO MOON • 5TH HOUSE

PLEASURE PALACE: Children, Creativity, Pursuit of Pleasure, Love Affairs, Personal Interests, Hobbies, Teaching, Self-Expression, Love Given, Romance, Entertainment and Fun

≥ 22° VIRGO & 0° – 21° LIBRA • 6TH HOUSE

HABITS & HEALTH: Health, Work, Service, Skills, Habits, Physical Sickness, Physical Ability, Employees, Coworkers, Chores, Care Taking, Routine, Pets and Small Animals

≥ 22° LEO & 0° – 21° VIRGO MOON • 7TH HOUSE

COMMITMENTS: Partners, Marriage, Contracts, Cooperative Relationships, Divorce, Lawsuits, Separation, Open Enemies

≥ 22° CANCER & 0° – 21° LEO MOON • 8TH HOUSE

TABOO TOPICS: Sex, Death, Transformations, Inheritances, Joint Finances, Taxes, Possessions, Personal Sacrifices, Loss, Other People’s Money and Possessions, Clairvoyance

≥ 22° GEMINI & 0° – 21° CANCER MOON • 9TH HOUSE

BIGGER PICTURE: Beliefs, Teaching, Travel, Higher Education, Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ethics and Morals, Dreams, Visions, Ideas, Laws

≥ 22° TAURUS & 0° – 21° GEMINI MOON • 10TH HOUSE

CAREER SECTOR: Career, Social Status, Calling, Ambitions, Bosses, Authority Figures, Honor, Community Power, Reputation, Dominant Parent

≥ 22° ARIES & 0° – 21° TAURUS MOON • 11TH HOUSE

FRIEND ZONE: Friendships, Hopes, Goals, Ambitions, Social Groups, Community, Aspirations, Associations, Networks, Helpful People

≥ 22° PISCES & 0° – 21° ARIES MOON • 12TH HOUSE

SECRET SPOT: Self-Undoing, Unconscious Mind, Seclusion, Endings, Secret Enemies, Hidden Matters, Karmic Debts, Escapism, Limitations, Hospitals, Prisons, Dreams

Don’t forget!  I do card readings so you can check out your Sidereal Moon Sign reading here!


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