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On March 5, 2019 at 10:18 AM Pacific Time, Mercury will station retrograde at 5° 31′ of Pisces until March 28, 2019 at 6:58 AM Pacific Time, when Mercury will station direct at 21°58′ of Aquarius.


When planets are in retrograde it doesn’t mean they’re actually going backwards. What it means is that from the perspective of Earth, the planet looks like it’s traveling in the opposite direction of what we’re use to seeing. The reason is because Earth is traveling past the planet in comparison to it’s orbit. An analogy I’ve used in the past to help people to understand this would be to imagine you’re driving on a two lane street. One lane is going in one direction and the other is going in the opposite direction. Now let’s say you want to pass the car in front of you. You’ll probably cut over into the other lane when there isn’t any on-coming cars, and pass the vehicle by going quicker than their speed. For a split second, you’re actually going the same exact speed as their car and this is when Mercury is “station direct.” Mercury appears to stop moving in the sky, or slow down, just as the car next to you. When you overtake the car by going faster, it looks as if they’re going backwards from your perspective in the car, and this is when Mercury is in retrograde. The other car isn’t actually going in reverse, it just appears that way.

THIS YEAR MERCURY will STATION retrograde IN WATER SIGNs AND station direct IN AIR SIGNs. This employs conversations based on feelings and thoughts with how we make sense of the world around us.


Mercury in Pisces is not a happy Mercury because he’s in detriment. You might feel moody, overly sensitive and highly reactive to the atmosphere. Mercury in Pisces sees beyond the tangible by tuning into subtleties and the way it feels—which influences what it believes to be true (which doesn’t necessarily mean it is truth). Mercury in Aquarius thinks in unconventional ways that many cannot even begin to fathom. It can be shocking and unusual to others, and Mercury in Aquarius could give zero fucks about what anyone thinks of their views or what they’re doing.

Some classic Mercury Retrograde (M) associations are agitation, confusion and setbacks when it comes to all things ruled by Mercury—communication, language, learning, exchange and the mind. This is a time that’s best for being acquiescent to things not going how you expect them to. Most astrologers will tell you not to start anything you want to continue doing after Mercury goes direct, but I think that isn’t true. I’ve started things during a M that I still do to this day, I even moved during a M—drove 9 hours without my moving truck breaking down or traffic, and everything went smoothly—and I’m still living in the same house 2 years later. My other half started a new job during a M and is now a foreman running his own crew and continues to make promotions and get raises. It’s all about mindset.

Pro tip: There’s a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the Mercury Retrograde that people actually manifest fucked up situations for themselves because they go into this transit with that type of a thought pattern. Mercury Retrogrades are the most productive times of the year for me, and the way I’ve made this work in my favor is by learning how to move in tandem with this energy. Be flexible, because sometimes he’ll throw you curve balls and instead of taking it so seriously and getting pissed off, realize that it’s not happening TO you, but FOR you. You will not believe how much you can actually get accomplished and it’ll go better than you thought.


Don’t be surprised if there are communication hiccups between you and others. Emotions could get out of control when you feel like people aren’t trying to understand what you’re saying and you could end up saying some really messed up things to people that you were holding in for a while. Petty topics that don’t really need the conversation will be prominent over more important ones which will leave these critical subjects neglected.

Pro tip: Instead of reacting with your emotions, respond from your intellect. Disconnect from others and regroup by having alone time and stay off social media! lol (not sure if I’ll be able to do that).

One thing I want to point out is a pattern I’ve noticed with people who have their natal Mercury linked with their natal Venus or if the transiting Mercury Retrograde is activating their 5th, 7th, 8th or 11th house, ex-friends, ex-lovers, ex-business partners, ex-whatevers come back into the picture during the M. So be ready, hoe.

In order to get an accurate interpretation of how this will influence you based on your birth chart, you must know your Sidereal RISING/ASCENDANT sign.  You can shoot me $5 via cashapp ($hoelistic) or venmo (sahakehau) to generate yours—this is not a reading just a visual of your chart in PDF format.  Make sure you include your birth date, time and location.


SELF IMAGE: The Self, Your Personality and Appearance, Your Personal Views on Life, Self Identity, Self Image, Beginnings, How you Initiate, Physical Body


MATERIAL WORLD: Possessions, Money, Stability, Values, Hidden Talents, Sense of Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and How You Value Yourself, Financial Gains, How You Spend Your Own Money, Livelihood, Material Circumstances


COMMUNICATION CENTER: Communication, Memory, Perception, Local Movement or Short Journeys, Neighbors, All Forms of Transportation, Thinking Patterns, Early Education, School(s), Siblings


HOME LIFE: Home and Home Life, Emotions, Subconscious Mind, Family, Your Roots, Land, Personal Foundations, Inner Emotional Security, Mother Figure or Parents


PLEASURE PALACE: Children, Creativity, Pursuit of Pleasure, Love Affairs, Personal Interests, Hobbies, Teaching, Self-Expression, Love Given, Romance, Entertainment and Fun

≤ 5° LIBRA & 4° – 29° VIRGO • 6TH HOUSE

HABITS & HEALTH: Health, Work, Service, Skills, Habits, Physical Sickness, Physical Ability, Employees, Coworkers, Chores, Care Taking, Routine, Pets and Small Animals

≤ 5° VIRGO & 4° – 29° LEO RISING • 7TH HOUSE

COMMITMENTS: Partners, Marriage, Contracts, Cooperative Relationships, Divorce, Lawsuits, Separation, Open Enemies

≤ 5° LEO & 4° – 29° CANCER RISING • 8TH HOUSE

TABOO TOPICS: Sex, Death, Transformations, Inheritances, Joint Finances, Taxes, Possessions, Personal Sacrifices, Loss, Other People’s Money and Possessions, Clairvoyance


BIGGER PICTURE: Beliefs, Teaching, Travel, Higher Education, Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ethics and Morals, Dreams, Visions, Ideas, Laws


CAREER SECTOR: Career, Social Status, Calling, Ambitions, Bosses, Authority Figures, Honor, Community Power, Reputation, Dominant Parent

≤ 5° TAURUS & 4° – 29° ARIES RISING • 11TH HOUSE

FRIEND ZONE: Friendships, Hopes, Goals, Ambitions, Social Groups, Community, Aspirations, Associations, Networks, Helpful People

≤ 5° ARIES & 4° – 29° PISCES RISING • 12TH HOUSE

SECRET SPOT: Self-Undoing, Unconscious Mind, Seclusion, Endings, Secret Enemies, Hidden Matters, Karmic Debts, Escapism, Limitations, Hospitals, Prisons, Dreams

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