Calories Don’t Count When You Eat Asian

Today my daughter and I went grocery shopping at the asian markets and she wanted to hit up this brand new spot called Takopa, a Japanese Street Food joint. So like any ordinary mother would say to her young adult child, YOU PAY! It’s on Spring Mountain and Wynn, right by 99 Ranch Market. My daughter got the Shio Ramen, this one is a chicken based broth, she usually get the Tonkatsu Ramen from Izakaya Go (same owner) but I think this is going to be her new spot. It was so good! It smelled exactly like it tasted, and the broth was super creamy and really flavorful — yeah, I took a zap of her ramen. I got Okonomiyaki which is a savory Japanese pancake, they make it the Osaka style which is mixed in a batter, it has Cabbage, shrimp, squid (hold the squid for me), flour, dashi (a fish soup base), probably eggs and they put thin slices or pork on it. I’m sure there’s more, they top it with mayo, furikake, bonito flakes and maybe eel sauce. Not exactly sure, it was my first time. Actually a bucketlist food for me, so I was stoked. I thought I’d have to visit Japan to get some of this in and around my mouth. Thank you, Baby Jesus! I won’t have to fly hours over an ocean to try it. It was more amazing than what I thought it was going to be and now I need to learn how to make this myself.

So remember how I said that we went to the asian markets? I made pancit for the very first time, and man! Hands down, and surprisingly, THEE BEST PANCIT I’VE EVER TASTED! Seriously, I couldn’t believe I made it, it was perfect! Not too salty, not too much fatty meat, at it was sooooooo easy! I had no idea. It seems like it would take a long time, not at all. I’m gonna make it so much that my kids get sick of it. I don’t think Zion was a fan, but WHATEVS.

My daughter swears that it’s better than my chow mein, that recipe is still under construction.

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