The Ugly Truth


Every 13 months we experience a Jupiter retrograde which lasts about 4 months. Being that he’s the only planet in his domicile right now, and this is happening in a critical degree of a sign, the ingress, this energy will be very prominent. At 0° of Sagittarius, we take the first steps on the path towards spiritual discoveries and philosophical contemplation & self-introspection. This can expand knowledge, joy, wealth, optimism, and confidence.

Being that Jupiter stations retrograde at 0°, there will be effects from a fixed star cluster known as The Root, home to the center of the Milky Way. Since Mercury & the Moon are both in hard aspects w/the Planet of Plenty, we’ll experience the unfavorable traits of The Root.

To best way to work w/this energy is by not procrastinate in getting to the root of problems. This could mean conflicts to figure out the truth, realizing how you’ve been sabotaging yourself through addiction or greed, breaking an agreement in order to honor yourself. When Jupiter stations direct at 20° of Scorpio you’ll have a positive outlook on moving forward, it’ll feel like you are reborn after all the digging you did. So we have 123 days to handle our biz. Don’t waste any time.

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Dear Diary,


I’m off to Utah today, going to take the kids to see my parents. My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I want to make sure we spend time with him because you never know when it’s our time to go back to Source.

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Getting Hitched

I’m getting wifed up next month! 💍 Now I can finally lose my virginity! 👉🏽👌🏽 On the real, we got my ring today, need to get it sized because it’s too loose now.

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New Videos!

I’ve been getting back into the swing of making videos again, so today I’ve got two for you!

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Spiritual Flu

There’s a spiritual flu going around because a lot of people are shifting in vibration or they’re just releasing a lot of stuck energy in their body.

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What Your Faith Looks Like

This is a picture I took the other week and was hesitant to share it, but maybe because of this full moon in sidereal Leo I’m feeling a little courageous and feeling like speaking from my heart to shine some light on a touchy subject.

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I started working on perfecting a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I want to “veganize” it.  I promise to share the recipe once it’s how I want it.

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Buddha Bowl

This buddha bowl just gave me life. – Lettuce – Japanese miso dressing – Boca Chik’n veggie patties –

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